Konover South COVID-19 Update

Konover South is closely following the Center of Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for limiting the transmission and prevention of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID19).  We encourage you to take all reasonable and necessary precautions and follow all health department and CDC recommendations within your premises and provide specific directions to your employees, vendors, contractors and customers to do so as well. Advise any employee who is sick to stay home until fully recovered. Additionally, you should make extra efforts to clean and sanitize areas and equipment used for services or accessible to customers.  

If you have not already done so, we encourage you and your employees to familiarize yourselves with the information pertaining to travel guidelines, personal hygiene guidelines, and more found here. It’s paramount that we all do our part to minimize not only the transmission of the virus, but also minimize economic risks associated with unwarranted or premature closures.


The Federal and several State Governments have established programs that may provide individuals, small, and medium businesses such as yours with assistance to minimize the economic impact of the coronavirus. Konover South encourage you to research any such programs that may be applicable to your situation or business. Following are helpful resources:

It is no secret that certain economic indicators have been particularly volatile over the last several weeks. We at Konover South are fully aware of the challenges posed by the current environment as we ourselves struggle through this period but remain confident that the current circumstances are temporary. In response, Konover South will be absorbing the fees associated with ACH and credit card payments via the tenant portal from now through the month of May.

Given the temporary nature of the situation and the pending Federal response, Konover is not in a position to modify leases at this time. As the situation evolves over the next few weeks, we will be available to address individual situations, as warranted. In the interim, please utilize the existing aid options as mentioned above.

For now, we ask that everyone works together to comply with the guidance being provided for the well-being of our communities. Thank you and we appreciate your efforts in working through what may become a challenging time.